Our story so far.

It all started with an idea to connect different climbing holds brands and create a platform where buying holds and volumes is an enjoyable experience and where costumers get more than each brand can offer individually.

Why The Holds Gallery?

  • Same colour concept for you to mix and match brands.
  • Fast delivery: short production time with some products on stock ensures you’ll get your holds and volumes in the shortest possible time.
  • Get bigger discount: bigger order means bigger discount for you, even when mixing brands in one order.
  • Lower shipping costs: everything will be shipped from one place keeping shipping costs as low as possible.
  • Less paper work: one order, one quote, one invoice, simple as that.
  • Big variety of shapes on one place: our goal is to bring brands from all over the world to ensure versatility of shapes and ideas. All brands on the portal are different form one another providing variety for you to get everything you need on one place.
  • Collect your points and get awarded by shopping with us.

Our Team

  • Simon Margon

  • Matevž Može

  • Stanko Gruden

  • Katja Vidmar

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